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Lockdown Isolation March 2020

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Left to my own devices with no one to photograph i worked on some self portraits...

Like many photographers during lockdown I ended up working on some self portraits. I had become obsessed with the idea of vigilance quite early on. I made some binoculars out of toilet rolls and amused myself on a fairly regular basis by peering through the blinds with them to observe which neighbour was on their fourth trip of the day to co-op and to monitor potential rule breaking visitors to the close.

I really enjoy my own company and having a lot of time to humour my brain and get heavily embroiled in pointless projects was one of the best things about lockdown. The first two of the portraits is a kind of depiction of the descent into child like madness that i felt.

A few weeks later, after receiving some post in a big box and my nephew sending me a photo of a robot outfit he had made i spent most of a weekend creating the robot portrait. I spent most of the day Saturday creating the outfit and was so delighted with all the little buttons and the 'control panel'. The photograph shows how we are all trying to be heroes in our own way during the pandemic. Even if being a hero just meant staying at home and spending all weekend making a space robot outfit...

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