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Morags Big Adventures #1

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Morag is travelling all over Scotland on her Big Adventures, but what has she got in those giant bags...?

Morag came to me in a job lot of small plastic people I ordered off the internet. Over time I have grown extremely attached to her. I was lucky enough to get away to stay in the forest for a few days in the summer and spent several happy hours rolling about on the forest floor capturing these images of Morag. The idea came to me to create a series of Morag on a great journey somewhere.

There is a sadness that pervades Morag's story but it is also full of joy and hope. There is a strong sense that wherever she is going it is a lot better than what she has left behind.

Morag mutters to herself - "there is no past - only the now and whatever lies ahead ..."

As time has gone on and Morag has had more adventures I have thought a lot about why she has left home and why she keeps walking and where she might be going. Morag is looking for something but only time will tell what that something is.

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